Do you build custom homes?

Yes, we do custom built homes. We can build on your lot or ours. You can choose your home plan from our variety of models or bring us your own plans.

How long will it take if I want to build from the ground up?

Do you have homes that are ready for move in?

Yes, we have several homes to choose from in Lakeside, College Heights, Village Heights and Freedom Park. We also have condominiums at Miramar.

How much money do I have to give down?

To contract a 1st BUILDERS home all you need is a $500.00 earnest money deposit.

Will I lose my $500.00 earnest money deposit if I don't qualify for a home?

No, if you don't qualify you will receive your money back.

What is the process for buying a home?

How do I find the best mortgage?

We work with several local Mortgage Lenders and keep up with current interest rates and mortgage trends. Different lenders offer different plans. We can help you find the Lender that is right for you and the plan best suited for your family.

Does my home come with a warranty?

Do you have a warranty department?

1st BUILDERS Customer Care Department is well versed in the construction of your home and will respond to your requests in a very timely manner. Our Partners in the field are also on call for emergency situations involving HVAC, electrical and plumbing. In most cases, if you have a question or concern with your home, you will be contacted by our representative within 24 hours.